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What is Crawl Space Encapsulation? A Comprehensive Guide

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You are instantly flooded with images of a dark, stuffy, and tight space whenever you envision a crawl space. Many people detest having to clean their crawl space, leading to hazardous problems that can affect your health. Despite its eerie appearance, crawl spaces are absolutely vital in the ecosystem of your home or office, which is why you should consider encapsulating it.

Crawl Space Encapsulation has been increasingly gaining popularity amongst homeowners for its durability and protection of the home’s good air quality. 

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Before diving deep into the Crawl Space Encapsulation process, let’s first define what it is and whether or not you’re gonna need it.

Crawl Space Encapsulation is tightly sealing and protecting your area’s crawl space from the flooring to the foundation walls and, sometimes, even its ceiling. The space is wrapped with a vapor barrier, which can come in different variations depending on your needs; the most common, however, is using heavy-duty polyethylene. By encapsulating your crawl space, you are effectively preventing moisture trapping, mold formation, and pests entering the space, which are all designed to, one way or another, destroy your home’s precious ecosystem.

By opting for a crawl space encapsulation, you’re turning your possibly musty space into a dry capsule that makes your home last longer and lessens the need to enter a cramped space to clean it.

Common Issues With A Crawl Space at Home

Like everything else, having a crawl space in your home can also pose several issues that can affect your home, your health, and your life. These five common issues are often linked when you have an aging or filthy crawl space.

1. Moisture Problems

Crawl spaces are often the first place that gets flooded in your space. As a result, the dampness or stagnant water followed by humidity can lead to condensation, effectively trapping moisture within the foundation of your crawl space. 

Unattended moisture issues within your crawl space can soon lead to other crawl space complications, such as mold & mildew growth and weakening of structural foundations.

2. Rapid Mold Growth

As mentioned above, moisture issues can effectively promote the rapid growth of mold and mildew throughout the space. The mere presence of mold throughout your space can weaken your indoor air quality and affect your overall health because of its toxic substance. This issue can cause respiratory issues as well as activate some horrible allergic reactions.

mold growth on surfaces

3. Potential or Existing Pest Infestation

Millions of crawl spaces are often either old, open or have holes that several pests can quickly enter. These pests range from little termites or insects to reasonably sized mammals like rodents or snakes. These animals can quickly grow in number, wreak havoc on your space, and ruin piping, wiring, and even the fundamental structure of your home.

Another issue with pest infestation is animal death, which can leave a strong odor and harm your health and your family. Their carcasses can emit gases that are a danger to human health.

4. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Trapped moisture, mold & mildew growth, and possibly pest infestation can all contribute to your space’s overall air quality. The development of these factors and the possible presence of radon that leaks through the crawl space can decrease air quality, which in the long run can harm your health.

It’s best to get indoor air quality testing to quickly pinpoint the potential and growing issues around your home and address them appropriately.

5. Possibility of Structural Damage

Lastly, and possibly the final blow in the domino effect, possible structural damage is the worse outcome of ignoring your crawl space issues. A costly and lengthy process, structural damages can either be cracks on the beams, rotting wood, rusting metal pipes, or excessive presence of termites, all destroying the foundation of the house. By keeping regular tabs on your crawl space or, better yet, opting to get a crawl space encapsulation can prevent any structural damage to your home.

How is Crawl Space Encapsulation Conducted?

Each company or person performs crawl space encapsulation differently, but the fundamentals are to seal everything.

First, inspection and assessment will evaluate the space and the existing and potential brewing issues. From the evaluation, solutions will show what services you need to free your space from any destruction. Next, cleaning, remediation, and disposing of all moisture, mold, dirt, dust, dead animals, and more will give the team better space and room. This way, conducting pest control and seeing other issues like foundation or plumbing is easier. Fixing any damage to strengthen the structure is very important. The installation will play as the staff will measure, install, and seal the barriers throughout the area. This is crucial because installation must be comprehensive to ensure the sealing of all regions within the crawl space. Some companies will also add a dehumidification system to prolong the benefits of the crawl space encapsulation.

It is crucial to hire a credible company that can provide excellent service, go above and beyond for clients, and educate clients on managing their crawl spaces.

Importance of Maintaining A Good Crawl Space

Once you get your crawl space in top shape, it’s important to fully understand why maintaining it is essential. 

A clean and good crawl space can increasingly improve your space’s air quality. This good air circulation makes breathing safe and easier for you and everyone around you. It is also good for your home’s overall formation, from the floor to its fundamental foundation. Additionally, it reduces the chances of mold growth, preventing any issues within your home and health. Another is to eliminate the possibility of any infestation in your home, keeping you and your home safe from these pesky invaders. Lastly, it gives you peace of mind while wandering around a safe space.

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Overall, going for a crawl space encapsulation can initially be overwhelming because of its delicate, lengthy, and pricey process. Still, it’s an investment that will go down for years. So, getting in touch with a trusty company that knows the ins and outs of this gritty process is equally important. R&E Home Solutions is your partner for getting the job done right. Our team of experts understands the comprehensive need for a crawl space encapsulation that will last our customers years. We do our absolute best to create a clean and safe space for our customers. Give us a call today and give your space the service it deserves.

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