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Top Mold Remediation Services in the Columbia Metro Area

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Mold spores are a global problem that infests the homes of billions of people. The sad reality is that not everyone knows how to handle mold remediation properly, and they also don’t know when mold spores are causing severe damage to their homes and health. So, it’s best to involve the experts and let them take care of things correctly.

With R&E Home Solutions, Columbia, South Carolina, customers get the best service and care for themselves and their homes.

Mold Remediation Service in Columbia, South Carolina

As a family-owned business with over five hundred 5-star reviews and years of professional service, R&E Home Solutions has proven time and time again to keep your home clean and mold-free. We offer Reliable and thorough mold remediation services in Columbia, with Experts specifically trained to keep you and your home safe and healthy. The right solution lies with R&E Home Solutions, and we look forward to improving your home’s overall ecosystem.

R&E Home Solutions team set up their equipment to start cleaning process

What Makes R&E The Right Mold Remediation Service Provider?

1. We Use Environmental-Friendly Products

At R&E Home Solutions, we use specific, industry-grade, organic products that allow you and your home to breathe naturally. Our goal is to reduce the amount of toxins flowing around in your home — not add to it!

  • Having your home professionally cleaned and inspected by us will ensure you breathe clean, fresh air. 
  • We can provide customers with detailed reports by conducting air quality tests inside your home. These tests allow us to correctly solve any issues and lingering contaminants that are causing harm to you and your home. Your safety matters to us!

2. We’re Accredited & Certified By Reputable Associations

R&E Home Solutions understands the need to be accredited and certified by reputable associations like the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). Not only do we follow national guidelines, but we also stay up to date on the latest cleaning and removal techniques. Our licenses and accreditations are always up to date to ensure our customers get only the best service possible.

  • These guidelines include regulations on removal products, specific procedures, and personal protective equipment that should be worn during certain remediations.

Without a professional for guidance, you might accidentally introduce more bacteria and build up in your home. Rest assured that we will provide detailed information on how you can keep your home bacteria and spore-free. We can quickly and thoroughly clean up your home and educate you on how to clean the airflow in your home.

3. We Can Easily Fix and Replace Any Damage

Most of the time, homeowners need help to completely examine their HVAC system, which can sadly lead to damage and, in worse cases, complete replacement. Fortunately, we are well-equipped to replace any outdated ductwork and can provide information on the right filtration systems. We care about doing the job right and putting your worries to rest.

R&E Home Solutions Mold Removal Process

Our team has garnered years of experience treating mold issues, and we are confident we can help you, too. We will begin to assess damage and contamination rates using only certified mold removal technicians. Mold does occur naturally in our outdoor environment and is not always toxic. Getting professional service will help you identify and eliminate all mold spores that infect your air quality.

Our Mold Removal Process:

  • We will frequently inspect common moisture-inducing areas. Specifically unattended areas like the dingy crawl spaces and pipes underneath your cabinets.
  • Thoroughly check filters and replace them as needed.
  • Educate you on the proper prevention techniques so your HVAC system lasts longer.
  • Inspect all aspects of ductwork: 
    • Repairing malfunctioning parts
    • Sealing leaks 
    • Replacing obviously broken or dangerous pieces
  • Conducting air quality testing as needed.

However, using a group of professionals is imperative so the growth is manageable for your health and your home’s infrastructure. This is why our mold removal service has been tailored over the years to be prompt, thorough, and specific to your needs.

  • Mold specifically likes moist, organic matter like cardboard or wood, so hiring a company that goes the extra mile to educate its technicians is important. 
  • We will test areas of your home using UV lights and other air quality tests. 
  • Afterward, we send the samples to the lab to see what kind of contamination we might be dealing with. You can expect detailed communication regarding the levels. 
  • Once we receive the results, we work with you to create a plan. This might look like the following:
  • Rigorous cleaning
  • Eradicating current mold
  • Preventing future mold growth

dirt, bacteria, and mold growth on air duct grilles

Why is Mold Testing Important in Colombia?

Columbia is set to be among the five top-growing cities in 2024. Historically, the area has been prone to severely warm and humid weather. Still, we have seen an alarming increase in river water levels in recent years. Therefore, increasing the chances of flooding and moisture trapping within the crevices of your homes, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold and other toxic contaminants.

What You Can Do and Why You Should?

You can utilize our inspection service or air quality tests if you live in an area prone to flooding. The beautiful Lake Murray area has generally been a popular living choice for its older homes in favor of the uniqueness they bring. Unfortunately, older homes on lake shores can come with setbacks. It’s important to call us at the first sight (or smell!) of an issue! 

  • Older homes often need more proper insulation compared to modern structures.
  • They also might need updated ductwork or old-style filters.
  • Mold can be the difference between a buyer and a seller interested in your home for sale. You can promise new homeowners a clean and healthy environment using our services. Insurance companies will also feel comfortable knowing quality professionals have checked your home.

A Few Facts About Mold

  • Mold can affect even the healthiest people in large quantities, causing allergies. Some rare molds can cause severe respiratory conditions. Using natural products, we can care for customers with sensitivity issues.
  • Mold does occur naturally, but it can spread under specific conditions, becoming a nuisance and a health hazard. These range from:
    • Common allergenic molds
    • Pathogenic type molds
    • At its worst, toxic molds, like black mold.

Get To Know More About R&E Home Solutions

R&E Home Solutions understands the worry and fear of spotting mold or having a water leak. Over the years, we have made sure our service is tailored to be prompt, thorough, and specific to your needs. We have our ringers on and are waiting for your call!

Even something as serious as a toxic black mold infestation can be taken care of by our team and our use of organic, healthy products. We’ve learned the secrets involved in mold growth, moisture buildup, and high humidity levels. Even better, we can stop the problem at its source! With our years of experience, we have yet to see or deal with everything regarding proper home cleaning from top to bottom.

Get In Touch With Us Today!

You can expect a service completed like none other with R&E Home Solutions. Our eight years of experience have allowed us to grow our expertise, team, and our customer pool, which we continually educate for paramount success. Your home matters to us, and you do too! Get in touch with us today and give us a call!

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