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The City Market is a Historic Market Complex in Downtown Charleston SC

The City Market is a historic market complex in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. Originally, it was a place where local farmers could sell their meat. After a fire broke out in the building in 1796, the Market was rebuilt. Today, it has been recognized as one of the oldest markets in the country. Learn more in Charleston, SC.

Visitors can shop for handmade items and artwork. It is a popular destination for visitors to Charleston. It is also home to the Museum of the Confederacy. Many of the market’s sheds are open air and allow visitors to see artisans at work.

The city’s first public market opened in 1692 at Broad and Meeting streets. Two years later, a formal brick structure was added to the site. But the market stalled in 1944 and was finally rebuilt in 2007. Since the 1930s, the building has been in a constant state of renovation. In the 1990s, a new skylight was installed, and the facade was painted a beige-ochre color.

Today, the Market Hall is home to several restaurants, as well as shops that offer artisan crafts. Stores include Chuma Gullah Gallery, Callie’s Hot Little Biscuits, and Sweet Charleston candy. Guests can also find works by emerging Gullah artists.

The Market’s facade is topped with forest green ironwork. A series of brick arch drains runs the length of the Market. These drainage features are an essential part of the Basin’s drainage system, and have been in place for more than two centuries. However, they are difficult to clean safely, and sediment builds up in them over time.

During the 1840s, a large Greek Revival-style Market Hall was built on the site. This was designed by Charleston architect Edward B. White. It was inspired by the Temple of Athena Nike in Athens. With its Roman Temple-like form, the Market Hall is a classic example of Charleston’s Greek Revival architecture.

Located at 188 Meeting Street, the Market Hall is a landmark in Charleston. It is considered to be the oldest and most imposing building in the city. The upper room of the Market Hall served as a military recruiting office during the Civil War.

The market’s buildings are intersected by Church Street. There are four blocks of market sheds that span four city blocks. Each of the sheds is a simple rectangular structure with open stalls. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the City Market was used as a market for food and produce, as well as for social events.

During hurricanes, the market experiences regular flooding. On 29 September 1938, a series of tornadoes swept through the area. Approximately 32 people died and $2 million in property was destroyed.

Fortunately, the market has regained its popularity, and it is now one of the most visited locations in the city. In 2011, the Market underwent a major renovation, adding new merchants, air conditioning, and an enclosed Great Hall. Currently, it is operated by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

Whether you are searching for a one-of-a-kind souvenir, handcrafted goods, or just some delicious food, the Market is the perfect place to shop and explore. Learn more about Joe Riley Waterfront Park in Charleston South Carolina.