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The Charleston Museum

The Charleston Museum is one of the oldest museums in the United States. It was established in 1773 by the Charleston Library Society. At that time, it was the first official museum in the country. Today, it focuses on the cultural and natural history of South Carolina. With a wide variety of exhibits, the museum offers a rich understanding of the area’s past. Learn more in Charleston South Carolina.

In addition to historical items, the Charleston Museum also includes exhibits on contemporary culture and natural history. Visitors can learn about the city’s role in the slave trade, its historic postal service, and the local arts and crafts.

The museum also carries out special children’s activities. On Fridays, docent-led tours are held at 2:30pm. These tours are especially interesting for kids since they can step back in time to try out some of the many local crafts. Children’s workshops are offered several times a year. Other events include Toddler Days, which let toddlers get involved in some hands-on crafts.

In addition to its exhibits, the museum also houses a beautiful replica of a 1715 local apothecary shop. There are also large ceramic storage jars made by Dave, a slave potter. He engraved messages on the jars. Several thousand visitors come to see these creations each year.

The museum is divided into two sections: the History Gallery and the Natural History Gallery. Both of these rooms contain a variety of items, such as fossils, geological specimens, and animal mounts. Additionally, there is a hands-on Children’s History Gallery, which features a model of Charleston, a collection of bird mounts, and a display of historic textiles.

In the History Gallery, there are exhibits on local history, ancient history, and political history. Visitors can also watch a video of the city’s past, which is narrated by local residents. One of the most interesting exhibits is the looping video on slavery. Another highlight is the African arts and crafts exhibit, which tell the story of Africans in South Carolina. Aside from the history section, the museum also has a natural history section that is dedicated to the geology, flora, and fauna of the region.

During the Civil War, the Charleston Museum temporarily closed. However, thanks to the support of Gabriel Manigault, extra funds were provided for exhibits, which helped to expand the collection. Once the war ended, the museum reopened and earned a warm reception.

Today, the museum is a popular tourist attraction. In addition to its main visitor’s center, the museum also operates two historic homes. This includes the Heyward-Washington House, which was once the home of Thomas Heyward Jr., one of four South Carolina signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The Charleston Museum has a number of special exhibitions and events throughout the year. They also offer guided tours of the Joseph Manigault House, which was the home of a wealthy rice-planting family. You can also enjoy the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, which features contemporary art exhibitions by emerging and mid-career artists. Learn more information about The Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens in Mount Pleasant, SC.