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Mold Removal In Charleston SC

Mold Removal In Charleston SC

 Mold Removal In Charleston SC – Although Charleston is a beautiful city, the climate, like much of South Carolina, can sometimes be perfect when it comes to microbe growth. This is why it is important to be vigilant in regards to making sure that it does not take over your home. There are services to help you detect it and remove it from your home.

What Is a Mold Inspector

 If you notice that a microbe is growing on drywall or unfinished wood and the area is larger than 10 square feet, you should hire an investigator that specializes in detecting it. They will get to the root of the issue and find out just how extensive the problem is. 

 Before hiring the inspector, you should check their credentials. This is important as this industry, for the most part, is unregulated. A qualified inspector will usually have a science or engineering degree with additional courses in mold investigation. These courses should be backed by either the American Council for Accredited Certification or the American Board of Industrial Hygiene. 

 They should also have credentials as a Certified Industrial Hygienist or a Council-certified Indoor Environmental Consultant. A qualified inspector should be able to report on the lab results of surface and air samples. 

Is Sampling Necessary

 You will usually have to pay between $200 and $600 for the inspection. It usually takes between two and five hours to complete. The inspector may have to open the walls up to find these issues.

 A lab will usually charge $30 to $150 to analyze air samples. You may want to ask the inspector if sampling is included in their base price before hiring them. Some inspectors do this, and some do not.

 There are fungus issues that do not require sampling. In situations where the microbe is visible, sampling is only needed to identify the species of microns either due to health or legal reasons. If the fungus is not visible and you believe it is present, samples can confirm if it is present. Sampling also occurs once the fungus is removed to make sure it is truly gone.

 Do not use a home test kit for this. Although these kits can detect some fungi, keep in mind that spores are always present in the air. It will not be able to detect dead spores which can cause health issues. The kit cannot tell you what is the baseline level in your house.

The Mold Removal In Charleston SC Process

 To remove the microbe, you will need to hire a Charleston mold remediation company. The process can take somewhere between a few days and a few weeks, depending on how extensive it is.

 The removal process involves removing materials that are water-damaged and infested with the microbe. Next, the walls, carpets, and other affected areas will be cleaned and disinfected. If the damage is really bad, you may have to remove drywall as well as studs. Then, the area will be vacuumed with HEPA filtration. Severe infestation of the microbe may require you to live somewhere else during the removal process.

Can Your Insurance Cover the Mildew Removal Charleston?

 Your homeowner’s insurance may only pay for fungus issues if the problem arose from an emergency that is covered in your policy. For example, the microbe developed as the result of a burst pipe. 

 If it is due to lack of maintenance or flooding, provided you do not have flood insurance, they may not cover the removal process. So, you may want to ask your insurance agent about that.

Mold Removal In Charleston SC

Removal Service in Charleston

 Due to the serious nature of spores, you must find a company that is qualified to do this and has the right credentials. At R&E Home Solutions, we have the expertise and knowledge to rid you of your microbe problem. With over a decade of experience, we can create a plan to remove the fungus seamlessly. If you live in and need Mold Removal in Charleston SC area, call us today at 843 412-8569. 

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