Is Mold in Airducts Bad For You?

Mold in Airducts in South Carolina – Mold grows everywhere. It is beneficial in medicine and our ecosystem. Mold is used to create many different antibiotics, including penicillin. Inside the home, however, mold is harmful. Mold grows anywhere there is excess moisture. It’s common in areas like the bathroom and basement. It also grows inside of the HVAC system, including the ductwork, Mold in Air Ductevaporator coils, and the drip pans. This is especially dangerous since it spreads mold spores in the air throughout the home. Mold can make your family sick if it isn’t treated! Call our mold in air duct removal specialists at 843 412-8569 if you suspect mold is the cause of illness around your home.

What is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that grows in moist conditions inside and outside. Mold spores float through the air, causing dust inside of the home (and other buildings.) Improper ventilation inside the home only adds to the problem. Indoor mold is especially dangerous when it grows in the HVAC system. It quickly spreads through the air, where everyone inside breaths in the mold spores. This leads to illness and disease, especially in children and elderly adults. Even before these detrimental problems, allergy-like symptoms such as sinus issues, coughing, itchy eyes, and other respiratory problems can occur.

Hundreds of different types of mold can grow inside of the home. Black mold is the most dangerous. This mold, and several others, produce mycotoxins that are dangerous enough they can lead to neurological problems and even death. Commercial businesses are also at risk of mold in air ducts and the harmful effects that it creates. Mold in Airduct is bad for you and the family and poses many dangers that you should take strides to avoid. We can help you avoid the risks that Mold in Airduct cause if you pick up the phone to arrange our reliable, professional residential air duct cleaning, dryer duct cleaning or commercial services. Mold in Airduct is a problem that should never be ignored.

What Can I Do About Mold in Air Duct?

Residential air duct cleaning is the solution to mold in the ductwork. This service eliminates harmful mold in entirety, giving your family back the fresh, crisp air they should breathe. It eliminates allergies and allergy-like symptoms that may worsen every time you walk inside the home. If you need affordable residential air duct cleaning in Charleston SC, call us today at 843 412-8569.

Pay attention to your home. Regular inspections are vital to the health of your family. It takes only 24-hours for mold growth to begin in a moist area, where its effects are soon to affect the entire family in negative ways. Looking for mold in an air duct is the best way to find it, and ensures appropriate action before the effects of mold affect the home and family. During the inspection, check the evaporator coils, the drip pan, and ductwork. Also, look for signs of leaks, oftentimes noticed when puddles of water form around the A/C or HVAC unit.

But, do not think all is well if the inspection doesn’t reveal mold. There is still a risk that it is growing well beyond your realm of visibility. Do you smell a moldy, musty aroma in the house? Turn off the HVAC unit for 30-minutes. If the smell disappears, it’s time to call our Charleston SC mold in the airduct removal specialist at 843 412-8569. Other warning signs include blocked drains, condensation on the outside of the vents and the inside registers.

No Mold? No Smell? No Problem

If you do not see mold in the home and there isn’t a musty, moldy odor, your home is likely safe. Even still, it’s important to keep an eye out for signs of mold in the airduct since a problem can develop so quickly. Our residential mold in the airduct specialist can also come out and inspect the home if you’d like. This inspection ensures the home is completely free of harmful mold spores.

Protect your family and home with a professional mold in airduct residential or commercial inspection. The number is 843 412-8569. Free consultation and quote are yours upon request. Protecting homes and families in Charleston SC is what we do best. Let’s talk.

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