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Find dryer vent cleaning in Charleston

Dryer vent cleaning south carolina

The importance of dryer vent cleaning in Charleston

Dryer vent cleaning south carolina

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Dryer vent cleaning services in Charleston is of great value to homeowners and here are some of the reasons why. A dryer is a very important appliance for many households. It provides the means to properly dry clothes after washing them. This makes it easier for families to get their laundry done quickly in little space and without a need for a laundry mat.

However, a dryer does require some maintenance to ensure it continues to run properly and efficiently.

Dryer vent cleaning and dryer duct cleaning are two very important tasks that are necessary to keep a drying running safely and properly. Fortunately, there are professional companies that offer this service for homeowners. By contacting 843 412-8569, homeowners in Charleston SC can receive affordable service to keep their dryer vents and ducts clean and safe.

What are Dryer Vents and Ducts?

To dry clothes in a dryer, heated air is blown into the drum as it spins. As the heated air blows in, it needs a place to blow out of the dryer. The dryer vent allows this heated air to be expelled from the dryer to prevent it from becoming too hot. A dryer vent is often connected to a dryer duct. This duct directs the exhaust from the dryer out of the home. Because the hot air in the dryer blows through clothing, small fibers and lint from the clothing is blown through the dryer vent. Therefore, there is a filter near the dryer vent to collect these fibers and lint. Unfortunately, some lint and fibers make it past this filter. This can build up in the vent and duct system. Dryer vent cleaning and dryer duct cleaning provides a method for removing this build-up of lint and fibers from the dryer. Residential customers can get professional help in cleaning these areas by calling 843 412-8569.

How to Tell if the Dryer Vents or Ducts are Clogged and need Cleaning?

Clogged dryer vents and ducts can pose serious risks of damage to the dryer and the potential for a fire. It is important that homeowners understand the signs of a clog in either the dryer vent or duct. This allows them to take action and have dryer vent cleaning and dryer duct cleaning performed to prevent further issues. These signs are:

  • Longer than normal drying times– if it seems that the cycle completes, and the clothes are not getting dry or it needs to be run again. The exhaust from the dryer is not being properly expelled, possibly due to a clog in the vent or duct. This can raise energy costs by using the dryer more than normal.
  • Hotter than Normal-if the clothes come out of the dryer feeling hotter than normal or if the dryer feels hot to the touch. With the exhaust unable to be expelled properly due to a clog, it can cause the dryer to heat up. This puts a lot of stress on the dryer and can cause it to wear out faster.
  • Dryer lint is accumulating outside– large clumps of lint are being pushed out of the dryer duct and collecting on the ground outside. This is often due to a clog or build up of lint in the ducts that cause clumps to be pushed out whenever the dryer is on.
  • Burning smell– if during the dryer cycle there is a burning smell or smoke is noticed. If this occurs, shut off the dryer immediately. Lint is very flammable. A burning smell could be caused by the dryer overheating and igniting the lint.

What to do about a Clogged Vent or Duct?

If a clog or build up in the vent or duct of the dryer is suspected, or if it has not been cleaned in more than a year, it might be a good time to contact a professional service in Charleston SC that specializes in residential dryer vent cleaning.

By calling 843 412-8569 in South Carolina, homeowners can get expert dryer duct cleaning to protect their home and dryer.

The technician will arrive at the home and inspect the area. In most cases, the technician will move the dryer away from the wall and being working on cleaning the vent and ducts. Often, this consists of using a powerful blower that pushes any lint and build up through the duct. A rotating brush is also used to free any lint that is stuck in the opening.

Dryer vent cleaning Charleston

Benefits of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer vent cleaning provides a clear and safe ventilation of the exhaust from a dryer. Ensuring that the exhaust is properly diverted away from the machine helps the dryer run more efficiently.

This efficiency helps to lower energy costs when running the system. Dryer vent cleaning also allows the dryer to run as it should without the added stress of a clogged vent. This helps to extend the life of the dryer. Dryer duct cleaning also helps homeowners stay safe. Clogged vents and large amounts of lint can be a major fire hazard for a home.

Dryer vent cleaning is very important for maintaining a safe and productive home. Contacting those experienced in dryer duct cleaning can help homeowners keep their homes safe and comfortable. By calling 843 412-8569, customers can get affordable service in South Carolina to clear away the lint and debris that can build up in their dryer vents.

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