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If you feel a burning smell, the dryer is too hot to touch, or you notice your clothes are taking too long to dry, you should definitely have the dryer vent cleaned by a professional team. Lots of home fires are started because of dryer vents that have not been cleaned on time and excessive lint is one of the main culprits.
It is advisable to have the lint traps cleaned after every use or prior to throwing new clothes in the washer. A blocked dryer vent will have a specific burning smell while still running, and this should be a clear indicator that the vent should be cleaned. Also, if you can see debris outside and around the vent, you are most likely dealing with an excessively clogged vent that should be immediately cleaned.

If you cannot remember when was the last time you had the dryer vent cleaned thoroughly in the past year, make sure you get in touch with our professional team of dryer vent cleaners and schedule an appointment. In order to effectively prevent dryer vent fires, you should clean the system at least once a year.

The typical cost of having your dryer vent cleaned ranges between $150 and $250, but it could go higher or lower than that, depending on a series of factors. The average hourly costs of dryer vent cleaning ranges between $105 and $200. While the standard cleaning process should not take too long, at times, cleaning technicians may need to use a number of additional tools and advanced practices in order to completely get rid of all the accumulated lint inside the dryer vent. For example, provided a plumber tells you that the pipes will need to be replaced, you could expect to be charged more. If you need the dryer vents on your rooftop to be professionally cleaned, you will most likely be charged a different price, especially if additional problems will arise. The majority of home vent dryers located at the side of the house at the ground level. The time it will take the cleaner to clear the blockage will determine the final costs.

One of the most obvious signs you need to clean your dryer vent is when your clothes are taking too long to dry. Usually, when it takes two or three complete cycles to dry your load of clothes, you may want to investigate the problem. Another indication of a dirt or clogged dryer venting is the fact that the external cabinet or is a lot hotter than the usual temperature you are used to. The dryer vent should be cleaned at least once a year by a professional service and every time you notice the previous signs.

Yes, an improperly cleaned an unclogged dryer vent could easily lead to a home fire, a broken vent, and ineffective clothes drying cycles that take too long to complete. Save precious time, money, and energy on having your dryer vents cleaned by a professional service and prevent these hazards, risks, and potential issues.

While the dryer vent is supposed to get a little warmer when in use, it should not get too hot for you not to be able to place your hand on it. When this occurs and the dryer vent gets excessively hot, it most likely means that the vent fails to exhaust the air the right way at the end of a regular drying cycle. If you notice your dryer vent gets too hot when in use, and you cannot touch it without feeling a burning sensation, make sure that you give us a call as soon as possible.

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