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Clearing Out The Air: A Complete Guide To R&E Air Duct Cleaning

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Maintaining a healthy and safe home is a lot of work; sometimes, we must remember things like the air duct cleaning. As a result, there’s that lingering feat of dust roaming around the house, or worse, respiratory problems and allergies are acting up. Despite not being the most apparent part of the home to clean, air ducts are actually crucial to the overall cleanliness of a home. So, as much as some people like to clean their air ducts DIY, it’s different from getting it professionally done.

In this guide, we’ll tackle everything you need about air duct cleaning!

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning

Possibly one of the neglected and forgotten parts of the house, air ducts are actually breeding grounds for an accumulation of dust, pollen, pet dander, mold, and other toxic contaminants. These pollutants are actually causing much harm to your home and your health. As dirty air flows around your home, it is likely to cause respiratory issues, allergies, and asthma attacks that harm you, your family, and your friends. These contaminants also roam freely in your home, getting stuck in hard-to-reach places, which will pile up over time.

Additionally, the buildup of dust, bacteria, and mold in your home will also affect your HVAC system’s efficiency, which, if left unattended, can be broken and lead to expensive repairs. As these pollutants build up in your air ducts, they restrict the air flowing freely throughout the space, which will cause your system to double the work, which in the long run can cause machine damage. Similarly, this overwork on the system will most likely cause your energy bills to rise through the roof.

Therefore, regularly inspecting and cleaning your air ducts will bring in several benefits for you to enjoy. These benefits include better indoor air quality, where occupants can enjoy crisp air. Another is affordable energy bills because when your air ducts are clean, your machines don’t need to add energy to keep working overtime. Similarly, if your system is working smoothly, it will prolong its lifespan, which, in return, will help you save more money. Lastly, your overall health will improve and strengthen significantly. Better air circulates throughout your space, which benefits your health because our oxygen intake also helps boost our immune system.

Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

There are plenty of signs to know your air ducts need cleaning. Most of these signs are visible and easy to spot, but some require good observation skills.

  1. Increase of dust and dirt circulating your air, shelves, and other surfaces. If you find yourself constantly dusting over surfaces or seeing dust bunnies in dark corners, it’s most likely your air ducts have too many dirt traps in them.
  2. Entering your home and smelling an unpleasant and musty odor everywhere despite cleaning your space. It’s the kind of smell that is hard to miss.
  3. Increase of respiratory illnesses, allergies, and asthma attacks among household members. Suppose you or any of your family and friends are constantly sneezing, coughing, or have itchy eyes while staying indoors. In that case, it is typically a sign of filthy air ducts.
  4. Expensive energy bills are also another sign that there could be something wrong with your air ducts. Since the accumulated dust, dirt, and bacteria hinder air from coming out correctly, your HVAC system will work overtime to compensate for it.
  5. Hotter temperatures can be felt throughout your home. Since your air ducts cannot produce fresh, clean air, the dirt in your air ducts will most likely heat up the air in your home, adding to the moisture and possibly mold buildup.

The faster you can watch out for these signs and contact a good air duct cleaning service provider, the better you and your home will be.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

The complex air duct cleaning process can vary depending on the area size, level of contamination, system status, and possible system repairs.

With R&E Home Solutions, the process typically begins with thoroughly inspecting your air ducts, including every nook and cranny. This step allows our technicians to properly assess the level of contamination and work to determine the best course of action. Additionally, they will check if leaks or damages in your air ducts may need repairs. Depending on the situation, air quality and mold testing will sometimes occur for a deeper cleaning.

The cleaning process will occur once the inspection is complete and the test results are in. R&E uses industry-grade equipment such as high-powered vacuums, special brushes, and professional cleaning chemicals to effectively remove debris, dust, mold, and other contaminants. Similarly, air-washing techniques also ensure a thorough and quick cleaning.

Afterward, the sanitization process begins when air ducts are completely clear of remaining bacteria and mold spores. This will also improve your home’s indoor air quality and prevent future contamination from reigning over your house.

Since this is a case-to-case basis, additional steps may include repairing or replacing air duct parts and possibly mold remediation.

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Techniques R&E Home Solutions Use in Cleaning Your Air Ducts

R&E Home Solutions banks use a combination of techniques to ensure meticulous cleaning. One technique we use is brush cleaning, where our experts use a special brush to dislodge dust and debris from the walls of your air ducts. This technique effectively removes any stubborn buildup on your air duct walls.

Another common technique during the cleaning process involves using high-pressure air to blow out the dirt and debris from your air ducts. Air washing is a powerful technique for removing loose particles and allergens hanging onto your system.

By combining these techniques with our professional equipment, R & E Home Solutions can provide a complete cleaning process that smoothly removes even the most stubborn contaminants from your air ducts.

Commonly Asked Questions About Air Duct Cleaning

1. How often should you get air duct cleaning?

The cleaning frequency will depend on several factors, such as your home’s size, its occupants, and the presence of either pets or smokers. Generally speaking, people usually get their cleaning every 3-5 years. However, suppose you notice any dust and mold buildup in your home. In that case, it’s best to call your service provider immediately. Always remember that it’s best to consult professionals to know what’s best for your home.

2. How long does air duct cleaning usually take?

The cleaning process can take anywhere from 2-6 hours, depending again on your home’s size, level of contamination, and possible repairs or replacements. Although, it’s best to let your cleaning service providers take as much time as they need. R&E Home Solutions prioritizes thorough cleanliness rather than speed.

3. Are there any health risks that are usually associated with air duct cleaning?

Usually, getting professionals to do your air duct cleaning typically does not pose any health risks. Just like R&E Home Solutions, proper handling of cleaning equipment and chemicals is crucial, which is why our technicians know proper handling is reserved solely for cleaning your air ducts. However, suppose you or other occupants have health complications. In that case, it’s best to consult their doctors or leave the premises while cleaning starts.

How To Choose The Right Cleaning Service Provider in South Carolina?

Searching for and getting the right cleaning service provider to do your air ducts is crucial. So, we’ve compiled some tips to help you find the right cleaning service provider:

1. Always check for certifications and licenses

Search for companies certified by reputable organizations that recognize the industry and follow the proper protocols and standards. One of the best certifications to look out for is one from the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) because they ensure every company has the necessary training and expertise to handle air duct cleaning.

2. Read reviews and ask for references.

Browse the hundreds or thousands of online reviews to get an idea about a company’s reputation. You can also seek references from the company to speak with their previous clients and ask about their experiences. The great thing about this particular tip is that you can get firsthand information from a reputable source. It’ll also be nice to ask them questions you have about customers rather than ask about the company you’re researching.

3. Inquire about their cleaning process and the equipment they use

It’s important to ask companies about their process and equipment because it tells whether or not they follow industry protocols and standards. You can also gauge their knowledge and expertise by simply asking these questions. As a customer, it’s also essential to know more about your potential service provider, how they get things done, and see if they align with what you want for yourself.

There’s definitely more you can do when researching the right service provider. You can even create a list of what you’re concerned about and how they can address it. Some people even browse hundreds of videos online to understand the cleaning process. Some compare prices and processes across several other companies and decide from there. There’s a lot you can do, depending on your preference.

R&E Home Solutions: The Trusted Air Duct Cleaning Company in South Carolina

R&E Home Solutions has been in the industry for years and consistently provides quality service and excellent customer satisfaction throughout South Carolina. With our team of experience technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly and effectively eliminate dust, allergens, and other toxic pollutants that are invading your homes. 

We offer various cleaning services that target any complicated parts of your home. We can easily clean your air ducts, vents, attics, crawl space, eliminate mold, and more!

Please schedule an appointment with us today by simply sending us a message on the contact us or calling us at 843-886-1684. Our friendly and accommodating staff will gladly assist customers with any questions and concerns

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