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Attic Cleaning in Johns Island SC

Professional Attic Cleaning Service in SULLIVAN'S ISLAND SC

Transform your neglected attic into a beacon of cleanliness with our expert attic cleaning services. Often overlooked, these spaces can silently accumulate dust and allergens, leading to indoor pollution levels that the EPA warns are much higher than outside. Leaving your attic unattended risks inviting these harmful elements into your living spaces, impacting your family’s health. We confront this challenge directly, specializing in comprehensive cleaning and decluttering. Our team meticulously eliminates all traces of dirt and debris, not only purifying your attic but also organizing it for effortless access and regular maintenance. Trust us to enhance your home’s safety and cleanliness from the attic down, creating a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

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We at R&E home solutions understand how important your home is to you. That’s why we provide quality service with a commitment and focus on customer satisfaction! We offer reliable attic cleaning services, when called upon by our customers – no matter what time it may be or where they are located in relation towards an appointment being set up for them right away so that everything can happen smoothly without delays.

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Enhance Your Home’s Health with Our Attic Cleaning Excellence. Attics, often out of sight, can unknowingly become repositories for dust and allergens, leading to indoor air pollution that far exceeds outdoor levels, as highlighted by the EPA. Overlooking these areas could inadvertently welcome harmful agents into your living space, affecting your well-being. Our professional service addresses this overlooked issue directly. We focus on intensive cleaning and systematic decluttering, effectively removing accumulated dirt and debris. Our thorough process not only revitalizes your attic but also reorganizes it for straightforward access and maintenance, contributing to a cleaner and more secure environment throughout your entire home

We understand that you want a clean home, and we’re here for all your needs. Our company specializes in deep-cleaning services – ensuring the pests are out of reach so they can’t cause any more harm than necessary to be done without having an effect on other areas such as insulation which is important if one has heating or cooling concerns at their place of residence. It’s our mission to provide excellent customer satisfaction by providing high quality professional service.

Cost of Attic Cleaning in SULLIVAN'S ISLAND, SC

Our team is dedicated to transforming your attic into a clean, spacious, and pest-free environment. Equipped with the necessary tools for tackling both aged attics and newer spaces, we focus on thorough dirt removal and clutter clearance. Offering competitive rates

our services range from minor assistance to comprehensive solutions, all backed by exceptional customer care. We pride ourselves on our affordability and invite you to compare our quality and prices with others. Request a no-obligation estimate today and experience our commitment to excellence and value.

In the area, there are many companies that offer attic cleaning services. However, most of them provide average work with high prices for poor quality service- and therefore you should call us! We’re a reliable air duct cleaning company in Sullivan’s Island SC who strives to serve each customer individually by delivering on what they need in order to satisfy our customers fully.

The Importance of Attic Cleaning in , Sullivan’s Island SC

The attic is a room that most people don’t think about until they need to use it for storage. The space should be cleaned and maintained just like the other rooms in your home, so you can enjoy all its features! Here’s why attic cleaning is so important: 

  • Improve Air Quality 
  • Keep Pests Out
  • Maximize Storage Space
  • Improve Energy Efficiency

The sooner you call us for services, the better. It is what every homeowner deserves since it protects your entire home and family from harmful dust mites in an attic full of dirt! This service should not be put off another day – get that cleanest space up top now before things spin out of control even further.

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Unless you are in the minority of people that regularly clean their attic and know what to look for when doing so, it is recommended that you utilize professional attic cleaning services at least once every 2 years.

It typically takes one day to clean an average size attic. It can take longer for large attics with more dirt.

Here are some key indicators that often reveal mould in an attic: Dark black staining on wood surfaces— If the wood in your attic shows any black discoloration, the problem has moved beyond moisture. Attic feels excessively hot or stuffy — Attics should feel breezy if they are properly ventilated.


Our Air Duct Cleaning Reviews in

Sullivan's Island

Laura Evans
Laura Evans
The two gentlemen were very professional, always on time, and explained everything clearly. Will definitely use this company again.
Juda did an excellent and thorough job. He cleaned my W/D ductwork efficiently and professionally. Thank you. I am very pleased with the service and would recommend this company.
martha miller
martha miller
R&E Home Solutions is top notch. I would absolutely recommend their services and call upon them again. They are efficient and reasonable. From the time Moran and Tristan stepped foot in my home until they left they delivered professional care. I appreciate the superb job and that my family will be breathing easier! Love the lifetime guarantee on the UV light that was installed. Thank you for the impeccable service and for the promised future follow up service. 🙏🏽
Colin Hamilton
Colin Hamilton
Moran and Tristan were top notch. They showed up promptly, both very polite, and obviously knowledgeable about their work. These two performed a dryer vent cleaning that they worked through with ease. I can’t recommend them enough!
Bob Tamietti
Bob Tamietti
Our guys were prompt, courteous, efficient and professional. They explained clearly what they were doing and why it was needed and cleaned up after the job was done. Great service guys!
Brian Franklin
Brian Franklin
Good service.
Ruth Mckevlin
Ruth Mckevlin
Did a super job cleaning the vents! Very professional, on time and I would recommend this cleaning to all my acquaintances for this cleaning. Air in house smells so much fresher.
Donna Crane
Donna Crane
Juda & his co-worker did a great job. Worked with us on our needs, explained everything well.
Kimberley Bruckmann
Kimberley Bruckmann
Inspected our duct work and made necessary repairs. Maintains the dryer vent as well. Worked efficiently and carefully in our home. Highly recommend them to all….

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