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Attic Cleaning Charleston SC

Attic Cleaning

Attic Cleaning Charleston South Carolina

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Do you know what’s lurking up in your attic? Whether you know exactly what you’re facing or you’re too scared to look, professional attic cleaning in Charleston SC can chase away those cobwebs, pests, old insulation, and more.

At R&E Home Solutions, we offer affordable attic cleaning designed to leave you with more storage in a clean, functional attic space that works for you. Just call us at 843 412-8569 to get started right away.


Dangers of a Dusty, Dirty Attic

Is your attic brewing up trouble? All joking about a scary, spooky attic aside, there are very real dangers that could be lurking in your upstairs storage area. Your attic could be home to several things that could harm your house.

Asbestos insulation. Older homes could have insulation that contains dangerous levels of asbestos. Any home built before 1990 might have this insulation. You don’t need to worry about asbestos exposure unless you disturb the insulation. When you clean your attic, be careful not to disturb, tear or damage your insulation.

Pest infestation. Many animals find attics a safe, convenient place to set up home life. They nest in your attic and scavenge through your home looking for food. Common attic inhabitants include mice, rats and roaches. These pests can destroy your belongings and create a health hazard.

High moisture levels. Most attics are not properly insulated against weather and moisture. If you store things up there, you may find them ruined by moisture. This is especially true in Charleston SC, where we have high humidity in the summer months.

Exposed or outdated wiring. Most attics don’t have electrical wiring that’s updated or properly protected against fire hazards. Rummaging around up there could cause a serious fire hazard.

Chemicals and household products. Is your attic a toxic dump? Household cleaning chemicals, bug spray, aerosol paint, and paint thinner are all deadly chemicals that can become fire or explosion hazards on a hot day.

Dirt and grease. Oily, grimy clothes, rags, and furniture can sometimes sit around in your attic for years. Do you know what’s in those boxes and bags? If it’s been up there for years, do you really need it?


You Shouldn’t Clean Your Attic Yourself

You might think you can tackle this job yourself, but there are important reasons to let a South Carolina cleaning expert take care of it.


  • A lot of insulation contains fiberglass. The fine filaments can cut and irritate your skin. Working with fiberglass requires extreme care.

  • Although you might think mothballs are harmless, they emit dangerous fumes that have caused serious illness and even death. Be careful using mothballs or other pesticides in your attic.

  • Water leaks and moisture may lead to mold. If your attic is frequently damp, your belongings might have mold or mildew on them. It’s safest to let an expert handle mold remediation.

  • If you have any doubts about working with anything in your attic, call R&E Home Solutions at 843 412-8569 for expert attic cleaning.

What Our Attic Cleaning Service Includes

You might be wondering what’s special about our attic cleaning service. Please note that if you have a rodent or bug infestation, you should take care of that before you contact us. Our South Carolina attic cleaning services won’t help if you have an active infestation.

Once you have that done, it’s time to restore your attic to safe, sanitary condition.

Here’s a breakdown of what we do.


  • We remove old, unwanted items and trash.
  • We remove damaged insulation, rotting floorboards, and signs of pest damage.
  • We sweep, vacuum, and sanitize thoroughly.
  • We use professional-strength odor removers.
  • We replace the old insulation and other damaged items.

Every job is different, and we will customize our services to your needs.


Yes, We Can Get In There

Don’t worry about whether we can get into your attic. We provide affordable, reliable attic cleaning to homes all over the Charleston SC metro area. It’s likely we have seen an attic similar to yours.


Tell Us How We Can Help

Don’t tackle that big attic cleaning job yourself. When you need reliable, affordable cleaning of your Charleston SC attic, call R&E Home Solutions at 843 412-8569.

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